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"Herrick is the real deal 

and may very well contain the next great female voice

of this generation in Donna Herrick...”

Herrick as featured on


Herrick Indie Entertainers of the Year two years running


Herrick on Billboad

PRESS Reviews

"Donna sings with THAT voice again, taking you away to the days of Carey, Houston, Dion and Yearwood."

- James Daykin/Lyric Magazine


"Sunderland Road’ leads to realms of wistful reflection.  It paves the way for a moving set of songs, which, in itself, leads to a most satisfying sojourn overall.  The duo’s latest album offers ample evidence as to why their music has been so well received.”

- Zimmerman/American Songwriter Magazine


"This little girl can really sing!"

- George Jones

“Love, love, love the new single ‘Some Kind of Lonesome.’ Great production and vocal! I've been a fan of Herrick for years and they always live up to my expectations with their talents."

- Snake Reynolds/Multiple Platinum Award winning Engineer/Hall of Fame Inductee

“Herrick’s new single, ‘Some Kind Of Lonesome,’ finds the band singing a great new song with the same fire and conviction as they always show. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Herrick has been a favorite of mine for a long time."- Buddy Cannon/Multiple Platinum Award Producer/Songwriter


"A beautiful song, beautifully sang.  I love this family and this band. Can’t wait to see where this record leads them."

- Rory Feek (of the duo Joey & Rory) Chief Creative Officer RFD-TV

"Some Kind of Lonesome", a moving and powerful performance with uplifting lyrics and stunning harmonies to match. Although the subject matter is one that could be said to be rather somber, the beauty of the vocal melody and the strength of the songwriting puts the message across in such a way that makes the listener smile reflectively from ear to ear – something that we all need more of in our lives right now. Fantastic!"

- Nick Campling/Director G7th, The Capo Company


"Sometimes - given the high volume of CD's that pass across my desk, it's tough to get anything on the first listen. You typically have to go back, and listen to a disc a few times before you realize whether you 'get' the act or not. I only needed one listen to tell you that Herrick is the real deal, and may very well contain the next great female voice of this generation in Donna Herrick." 

- Billboard Magazine

"What’s that sound? Oh yes, I remember. It’s called country music. And I don’t mean the overly polished kind that Music Row usually serves us. I mean the Real Deal. Herrick is back to warm my hillbilly heart with ringing reminders of what old-school country can mean. My enthusiastic encouragement goes out to all of these folks for doing their jobs so well. Again. I’ve praised them all before in this column, and I am happy to do so once more.

Herrick/Do You Love Me. Writer: Kerry Herrick/Donna Herrick; Producer: Herrick & Michael Bonagura; Publisher: Herrick KDK Music, BMI; Breakaway Entertainment.
I have praised this foursome effusively in the past. Lead singer Donna Herrick penetrates this percolating track with passion, while her own mandolin sets the throbbing pace of the production. This has drive, dynamism and drama. Play it." 
-Robert K Oermann, Music Row Magazine

 The dynamite new partnership on the Americana scene today, Kerry and Donna Herrick, follow up their critically acclaimed debut New Dance with this ten song set. It isn’t entirely fair or accurate to pigeonhole what it is that Herrick does. The partners have outstanding collaborators with Jefferson Rogers playing a triple threat of guitar, lap steel, banjo and Jeff Bradshaw keeps everything a steady tempo, but they scarcely confine themselves to aesthetic purity. This is a trio that can flat out rock at crucial points and they aren’t afraid for you to know it. The final amazing part is how they can conjure such sonic power with comparatively weak instruments. Their sophomore album Cottonfield is relentless. It never stops trying to entertain and connect with you from the first song."

- Skope Magazine

"Cottonfields establishes Herrick as one of the best Americana pop/rock bands today flying under mainstream radar.

There are a number of songs included on Cottonfields tailored for mass consumption from first note to last, but there’s more, thankfully. There’s honesty to this music coming off every song and the band’s lead singer delivers them with a passion few can match."
- Vents Magazine


"The ten song collection explores traditional American music, but builds off the band’s debut and extends their reach as well. The album production reflects that vocalist and mandolin player Donna Herrick is the album’s indisputable sonic heart, but Herrick isn’t a glorified solo act. The remaining three members are obviously top notch talents in their own right and give Herrick the best possible vehicle for reaching global acclaim."

- Band Blurb 


The quality in the delivery of lead vocalist Donna, of Herrick, the lady knows how to keep an eye on her date and the Roots sound of the band's drive ‘New Dance’ with soul, country and rock moves. “Heaven Don’t Let Me Down” has rafter lifting vocals tempered with some teasing moans left over from Saturday night. That middle ground between polish and grit is a well- traveled path for Herrick. Grooves blow like the wind the stirs the spirits around on “Hangmen’s Hill” and move between sway and stomp in “Hey Savanna”, as the track trades lead vocals growls with guitar bites. Herrick rock their country and leave a lot of the natural country feel of blue-eyed soul and soulful blues in place and noticeable." 

- Alternative Root Magazine

"Herrick continues to grip music fans and industry professionals alike with a dynamic live show combined with compelling songwriting and comprehensive instrumentation, posing a triple threat affair that has established the band with a stronghold on the touring circuit."

- Today’s Country Magazine

"I was excited when I learned that Herrick would release a new CD this April. After listening to the tracks from the new project, I realized that Donna's voice has gotten even better over the last few years. She could probably sing the phone book and make it interesting, but that's not the only thing that makes it unique. Donna has the uncanny ability to breathe emotion into a song and make the listener feel something. It's that moment when the lyrics of a song become more than just words. In addition to Donna, Herrick is made up of Donna's husband Kerry, Jeff Bradshaw and Jefferson Rogers. While most people that review Herrick's music (including myself) often rave about Donna's vocal abilities, every member of this band play an important role in the band's sound. The harmonies on "Cottonfields" are wonderful. In addition, the instrumentation and arrangement of the songs is superb. The music helps bring the words to life and it goes a long way help develop the tone of the entire CD."

- No Depression Magazine

“…rafter lifting vocals tempered with some teasing moans left over from Saturday night. That middle ground between polish and grit is a well- traveled path for Herrick. Grooves blow like the wind the stirs the spirits around on “Hangmen’s Hill” and move between sway and stomp in “Hey Savanna”, as the track trades lead vocals growls with guitar bites… “

-Alternative Root Magazine


"HERRICK is an exceptional live act that just also happen to be great songwriters... a very rare combination." 
- Airplay Direct 


"Herrick is simply one of the best live shows you will ever see. And Donna Herrick has one of the greatest voices in music today. But don't be fooled by their "country" designation- think Heart with a mandolin."
- Ken McMeans Presents 


"The group's intricate harmonies are the icing on the cake, if you will, of a sound that merges "the best of folk, rock, blues and country." The result thereof is a musical style that breaks from the country mold to forge a direction all the lineup's own."- Nashville Music Examiner

Shared the Stage WITH

Emmylou Harris and Herrick
Jamey Johnson and Herrick
Marty Stewart and Herrick
Sam Bush and Herrick
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Herrick
Eric Church and Herrick
Dwight and Herrick
The Bellamy Brothers and Herrick
Phil Vassar and Herrick
Jerry Douglas and Herrick
The Zac Brown Band and Herrick
Maranda Lambert and Herrick
Kenny Chesney and Herrick
George Jones and Herrick

Appearing with

Kenny Chesney - Eric Church - Jamey Johnson - Hank Williams Jr. - Miranda Lambert - Zach Brown Band - Train - Emmylou Harris - George Jones - Tim McGraw - Marty Stuart - Phil Vasser - Faith Hill - Sam Bush - Jerry Douglas - Ray Price - The Bellamy Brothers - Mark Chesnutt

and more...



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