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"Herrick is the real deal 

and may very well contain

the next great female voice

of this generation in Donna Herrick...”

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Herrick is the patchwork of lives lived together. 

Sewn up in organic composition and exquisite harmonies,theirs is afabric held together with steel thread. Nearly every single successful band who has ever been will tell you that the relationship between band members is very much like a marriage. 

When you spend hours, days, months and eventually years together, sit side by side through mile after mile

as you travel the country, and watch as your creations are born and breathe the breath of life, then you pretty much have a true understanding of marriage.  For Kerry and Donna Herrick, that bond was sewn with a double threaded needle being that they are, in fact, married, both literally and musically.

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  • 2022 JMA Indie Awards - Winner: Country Single of the Year - "Losin' Cinderella Shoes"

  • 2022 IAMA Awards - Finalist: "Midnight In Birmingham"

  • 2022 USA Songwriting Awards - Finalist: "Some Kind of Lonesome"

  • 2021 JMA Awards - Winner: Entertainer of The Year

  • 2021 IAMA Awards - Finalist: Best Duo/Group of the Year

  • 2020 JMA Awards - Winner: Country Female Vocalist Of the Year

  • 2020 JMA Awards - Winner: Entertainer of the Year

  • 2020 The USA Songwriting Awards - Finalist: "Some Kind Of Lonesome"

  • Bluegrass / Folk / Americana Group of the Year Winner:2018 JMA Awards 

  • 2014 IAMA : Awards - Finalist: Song Of The Year- "Pain In My Heart"

  • 2014 IMEA -International Music and Entertainment Association Nomination

  • Finalist: International Alternative Band of the Year

  • 2013 Telly Awards - Winner:  Best Music Video - "Do You Love Me"

  • Independent Music Award for Best Country Song - Winner: 2012 IMA Awards 

  • Independent Music Award for Best Story Song  Winner:  2012 IMA Awards 

  • Group of the Year "Cry Memphis"Winner:2012 IAMA Awards 

  • Best Country Band Winner: 2012 Airplay Direct 



- Sunderland Road

Breakaway Entertainment

Produced By Ron "Snake" Reynolds, Donna Herrick, Kerry Herrick

  • JMA Independent Country Single of the Year: Losin' Cinderella Shoe

  • Nominated JMA Country Album of the Year

  • Finalist International Acoustic Music Awards

  • Finalist USA Songwriting Awards

- Christmas With Herrick

Breakaway Entertainment

Produced By Donna Herrick, Kerry Herrick, David Van Walker

  • Debuts #15 On itunes Country Pre-Order charts 

  • Debuts #14 Airplay Global Indicator Charts

- Cottonfields 

Breakaway Entertainment

Produced By Donna Herrick, Kerry Herrick, David Van Walker

  • #79 Americana Music Charts

  • Nominated JMA Album of the Year

- New Dance

 Breakaway Entertainment
Produced By Buddy Cannon, Michael Bonagura, Donna Herrick, Kerry Herrick

  • Two International Acoustic Music Award

  • #8 Media Base 

  • #5 itunes

  • #68 Music Row

  • Over 50,000 total Album sales

- Album: "Cottonfields" Americana Radio - #79

- Album: "Christmas With Herrick" - Debuts #15 On iTunes Country Pre-Order charts/Debuts #14 Airplay Global Indicator Charts

- Single: "Pain In My Heart"  #18 Media Base / #69 Music Row -Country Breakout 
- Single: "Do You Love Me" National Chart Position #76 Music Row/Country Breakout 
- Single "Cry Memphis"  #55 Music Row/Country Breakout
- Cry Memphis - #55 iTunes
WSM Live Radio Show • Sirius Satellite • XM Satellite •  WKDF: The Billy Block Show Live form Nashville • Sound-off with Tom Randall  • Armed Forces Radio


-"Some Kind Of Lonesome" Featured on CMT

- In the Father's Arms: Written By Donna Herrick -  Featured in the Motion Picture "Galveston"

- Love and Misery - Written By Kerry and Donna Herrick - Featured in Unity Commercial

- National Telly Award : Best Music Video "Do You Love Me" 
- Telly Award: Best Song in Documentary 
- National Television Premiere on Zuus Country / CMT: Music Video "Do You Love Me"
- "Do You Love Me"  Music Video #18 On top Twenty Countdown
• CMT •  GAC • MTV • FOX



"Herrick has a musical and vocal sound with its own identity. A rarity these days.  If you haven’t worked with HERRICK yet, now is the time. Terrific group and awesome to work with." RollingStone


"Donna sings with THAT voice again, taking you away to the days of Carey, Houston, Dion and Yearwood."

 James Daykin/Lyric Magazine

"Sunderland Road leads to realms of wistful reflection.  It paves the way for a moving set of songs, which, in itself,leads to a most satisfying sojourn overall." - American Songwriter Magazine

"This little girl can really sing!" - George Jones


"Sometimes - given the high volume of CD's that pass across my desk, it's tough to get anything on the first listen. You typically have to go back, and listen to a disc a few times before you realize whether you 'get' the act or not. I only needed one listen to tell you that Herrick is the real deal, and may very well contain the next great female voice of this generation in Donna Herrick." 

- Billboard Magazine

"The dynamite new partnership on the Americana scene today, Kerry and Donna Herrick, follow up their critically acclaimed debut New Dance with this ten song set. It isn’t entirely fair or accurate to pigeonhole what it is that Herrick does.  This is a trio that can flat out rock at crucial points and they aren’t afraid for you to know it. The final amazing part is how they can conjure such sonic power with comparatively weak instruments. It never stops trying to entertain and connect with you from the first song."

- Skope Magazine


"What’s that sound? Oh yes, I remember. It’s called country music. And I don’t mean the overly polished kind that Music Row usually serves us. I mean the Real Deal. I have praised this foursome effusively in the past. Lead singer Donna Herrick penetrates this percolating track with passion, while her own mandolin sets the throbbing pace of the production. This has drive, dynamism and drama. Play it."

-Robert K Oermann, Music Row Magazine


"There’s honesty to this music coming off every song and the band’s lead singer delivers them with a passion few can match."
- Vents Magazine


"The quality in the delivery of lead vocalist Donna, of Herrick, the lady knows how to keep an eye on her date and the Roots sound of the band's drive."

- Alternative Root Magazine

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WHAY  Whitney City

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KRRV Alexandria *



KFAV Warrington

KBXB Sikeston*

KTJJ Farmington


KRGI Grand Island


New York

WDNB Liberty


North Dakota

KZZY Devils Lake



OBR Ocean Beach


KVAY Lamar



KZZS Zolfo Springs



KOKA Douglas

WPPL Blue Ridge

WTHO Thomson


KICR Sandpoint**

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KMOK Lewiston*



KLMJ Hampton

KBOE  Oskaloosa*



KAIR Atchison

KKOW Pittsburg

KVWF Wichita*




WMS Auburn



WHNS Haines

KSRM Kenai*

KBBI Homer*



KXCI Tucson



KCNY Conway

KCJC  Russellville*



KRSH Santa Rosa

KUZZ Bakersfield*

KRAZy Santa Barbara*

KHAY Ventura*

KKGO Los Angeles

KSON San Diego



WWUH West Hartford



WSM Nashville****

WKDF Nashville***

WRLT Nashville

Renegade Radio Nashville (RRN) Nashville *

WMOT Murfreesboro **

WETS Johnson City

WKBQ Covington

WUCG Carthage

WDVX Knoxville***



KDOL Livingston

KXOX  Sweetwater

KYYK Palestine



 WMEV Marion*



KIXZ Spokane***

KXLY Spokane**

KCHW Chewelah*

KPND Sandpoint**

KCIR Coeur d'Alene***


WGLR  Platteville


Shared the Stage WITH

Emmylou Harris and Herrick
Jamey Johnson and Herrick
Marty Stewart and Herrick
Sam Bush and Herrick
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Herrick
Eric Church and Herrick
Dwight and Herrick
The Bellamy Brothers and Herrick
Phil Vassar and Herrick
Jerry Douglas and Herrick
The Zac Brown Band and Herrick
Maranda Lambert and Herrick
Kenny Chesney and Herrick
George Jones and Herrick

Kenny Chesney - Eric Church - Jamey Johnson - Hank Williams Jr. - Miranda Lambert - Zach Brown Band - Train - Emmylou Harris - George Jones - Tim McGraw - Marty Stuart - Phil Vasser - Faith Hill - Sam Bush - Jerry Douglas - Ray Price - The Bellamy Brothers - Mark Chesnutt

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