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Tune In Alert: Herrick’s New Music Video “Some Kind Of Lonesome” Premiers on The Country Network

January 18th acclaimed music duo, Herrick, will release the first single “Some Kind Of Lonesome” off their forthcoming album Sunderland Road.” That same day the powerful official music video will be premiered on The Country Network (TCN). The video is a must see; a gorgeous illustration lamenting a very troubling time for humankind, and a very personal bereavement for Donna Herrick in particular.

Tune in to watch on the TCN channel, on the TCN App, Android, IOS, Apple TV, or by going to the network’s website. The video will air for the next 5 days at the following times: Mon, Jan 18th - 8:24 am Mon, Jan 18th - 2:54 pm Tue, Jan 19th - 11:40 am Tue, Jan 19th - 5:54 pm Wed, Jan 20th - 10:47 am Wed, Jan 20th - 9:48 pm Thurs, Jan 21st - 7:08 am Thurs, Jan 21st - 3:07 pm Fri, Jan 22nd - 9:30 am Fri, Jan 22nd - 1:23 pm "When writing this song I had no idea the impact it would have. Making the music video gave it breath, a release. The loss of my mom and the heartbreak of 2020 made it so personal to me. So many of us have experienced so much loss in really has felt like some kind of lonesome." -Donna Herrick Video Director: Robb Rokk Producer: Robb Rokk & Jesaiah Burnett Executive producers: Robb Rokk, Jesaiah Burnett, Herrick Story by: Robb Rokk Cinemetographer: Robb Rokk Editor: Robb Rokk Production Company: Rockwell Visual Stylist: Donna Herrick SPECIAL THANKS: Elmwood Cemetery & DAI Studios, Southaven, MS


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