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PLUS! Go behind the scenes of what inspired each song. The Message behind the lyrics, the journey to create the new album, and more!


We're going on a virtual road trip!

An adventure you'll never forget. 

And your in the passenger seat....are you ready?

Your invite Includes ALL OF THIS FREE:

  • 10 Tracks Sunderland Road

  • Daily Activities

  • Direct Communication

  • Community Access

  • Exclusive Bonus Secret Content : No one else will see!

Sunderland Road HR.jpg

Sunderland Road paves the way for a moving set of songs, which, in itself, leads to a most satisfying sojourn overall.

- American Songwriter



Every now and then need to get away from it all!

After this last year of being stuck at home! It's okay to wanna get away from it all...

Lets take a road trip down "Sunderland Road"


But no one wakes up hoping to have another run of the mill, boring, grey filtered, monotonous day…

At the core of EVERY person is a desire to take an adventure. 😃

The days we feel vibrant, excited, and unstoppable –

those are the days that make life worth living.

And for us, trying new things has led to the best experiences of our lives.

So, I’d like to invite you to try something new.

And have a little fun in the process.

Herrick have recently recorded 11 original songs inspired by our personal experiences with all the best parts of life – and now we want to share them with you for FREE as a part of an interactive, online experience.

Each day we will share music, stories, bonus content about the background and history of the lyrics, and special behind the scenes looks into the making of "Sunderland Road", our latest full length album.

Maybe this road will lead to your soul mate...


Or maybe you’ll become buddies with your new favorite band.

But either way it sounds like a win-win :-)

See you soon!


A A lot of bands make an album, upload it on Spotify, and go their merry way.

There’s no real dialogue around the meaning behind the lyrics, or the

sharing of personal stories that inspired the tracks.

But music is about connection.

That is why we have made the release of our new album Sunderland Road  more than

just run-of-the-mill release. 

We’re tearing down all the traditional walls that exist between artist and listeners, and instead coming together at a virtual experience called




  • 10 Tracks

You get access to 10 tracks.

Sunderland Road  includes 10 full tracks.

  • Losin' Cinderella Shoes

  • Beyond This Town

  • A Place Called Always

  • Freedom

  • Midnight In Birmingham

  • Old Bridges

  • Someday I'll Fly

  • Sunderland Road

  • A Time When There Was You

  • Some Kind of Lonesome (Album Mix)

  • Community Access

The Road Trip is so much more than a virtual, interactive album release… The Road Trip is about


Over the last several years

Herrick have been lucky enough to tour the world. All over

the US, Canada, and Europe, we’ve seen a lot; all the traveling,

meeting, greeting, and living has reinforced in us one major

truth – the power of community.

So, we’ve created This Road

Trip as a way for our little

community to come

together and have a shared experience.

  • Daily Exclusive Free Content

This Road Trip is full of virtual activities designed to help us connect

and interact… 

This is a virtual experience… but we want to make it as real as possible.  So we are giving you some exciting content! And as a member of this

free experience, you’ll have

access to every single one! 

You’ll be a part of a family Road Trip. Traveling to Sunderland Road...

traveling through exciting places,

telling stories, radio singalongs...

by the end of this journey

everyone here will feel like

a life long pal.

There’s no pressure or

obligation to tune in to any of these events (hosted over FB Live), but we sure hope you’ll join!🌟

  • Direct Communication

Most artists don’t take the time

to truly connect with the people

that support them.

Sure, you’ll hear a lot of

entertainers say ‘I have the

best fans in the world.‘

But they don’t go further

than verbally acknowledging it.

Throughout this entire experience,

we will be talking directly to you. 

Through email, Facebook,

or even live video chat we’re going to be taking part in the ROAD TRIP experience side by side with you, and you’ll be able to speak to all band members in real time ❤️

  • Behind The Scenes Looks

Sunderland Road is an extremely personal album.

So each day, and for each song, you’ll have access to Exclusive SECRET Content with exclusive Q&A style interviews that take a deep look inside the meaning of each song…and the personal stories that inspired the track.


" Donna has the uncanny ability to breathe emotion into a song and make the listener feel something.  It's that moment when the lyrics of a song become more than just words."

- No Depression Magazine

Herrick - All Rights Reserved

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