our story.

Married in high school, female fronted band Herrick hail from the Pacific Northwest.

Their Love Story lead them from a 5000 acre cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere to Nashville Tennessee to become a timeless... powerhouse...phenomenon.

 Their journey is one that legends are made of. The barriers
they have had in their lives...

Kerry, an identical twin in a family of six remembers running with holes in his shoes, patches on his jeans that were too short 6 months out of the year.

The last boy in a big family of six raised single-handedly by a strong praying mother. Who herself, was an orphaned and raised in the Ozarks by a cousin, after aunt, after grandma, after uncle and back again. She pulled herself up to raise her kids and always worked hard to support her children. Setting the standard of work ethic Kerry would always embrace. She did this all without ever saying  one bad word about

Kerry's absent, foot-loose, guitar-totin' father.


Donna became a wife when most young ladies are still playing after-school sports.

She met Kerry on a blind date in Jr. High. Her story would raise the hair on the back of the neck of any momma  who secretly trembles that their own children would make the same mistakes. But Donna, she pulled through without ever taking her small hand from the strong firm grasp of her husband.

Their story is not your typical story of a hard working band, but a true story that needs to be told. Not about the popular kids, not the privileged. These are
hard working people who have paved their own way. Who 
despite their diversity from the mainstream, have turned into an incredible story in song.  Resulting in music written by them in the good times and bad... this is music made their way.

Herricks' sound has evolved, influenced not only by the
remarkable musicians they work with, but most importantly, one another.


A dynamic musical style uniquely Herricks'; a surprising blend of folk, rock, blues, country and Pacific Northwest Soul. 

Hear the music - Hear their Story 

A true One-Of-A-Kind Band.

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::Press Quotes::

"When Herrick take the stage you see them and the spell is complete.

You see them where they truly belong - where they are meant to be...

Donna's pioneering vocal, a kind of audible kiss, a blurted confession backed by a fierce mandolin.
Kerry's legendary bass 
beats combined with his tight harmony blend.

Jefferson's master guitar sounds...

 All of this through a dizzying, hour-long crescendo until the final band


"With intricate harmonies and a distinctive legendary
sound that combines the best of folk, rock, blues and
country, Herrick shatters the current country music mold and
creates a new path for it to follow." 

"​The songs written by Herrick run the gamut of emotions,alternating at times

between seething rage and a bruised
vulnerability. With Donna's powerful vocals, pummeling mandolin riffs, and swaggering attitude, It sounds a bit
like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been fronted
by "a chick."

"The band has diverse influences like Ann Wilson (Heart), Ryan Adams, Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard, The Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Waylon Jennings, The
Band, Evanescence and more... it's no wonder their music
combines many elements from different musical styles into a
new and unique blend. 
Fans label the band "A Breath of Fresh Air". Different is
very intriguing, and Herrick has been winning fans and music
insiders over with every show they play. Their innate instinct for creating high quality music has helped Herrick stand out from the crowd as they tour to standing room only
crowds across the country."

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